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Magic Pool Products 180LED Pool Light Operating Instructions


When installing more than one LED Pool Light, all the pool light cables must be run back to the electrical supply transformer individually, (do not join the pool light cables in a junction box). Each LED pool light may be out of sequence with each other, (i.e. on different colours). To bring them into synchronisation perform the following;

  • Connect one light only to the transformer, then turn the transformer ON and then back OFF within 2 seconds. Repeat this process until you reach the solid green colour and then leave the light ON green for a minimum of 10 seconds.
  • Turn OFF the transformer and disconnect the pool light cable.
  • Repeat steps (1) and (2) with the other lights.
  • Re-connect all the light cables and turn ON, all the lights should be on green.

Your 180 LED Pool light contains 60 x Red LED’s, 60 x Blue ED’s, and 60 x Green LED’s. The light can be set to each individual colour, (i.e. Red, Blue, or Green) or a combination of colours, (e.g. Blue/Green = Aqua). In total there are 7 colours available as listed below. There are also two automatic changing patterns; one which cycles through all the colours every few seconds, and another which fades in and out through all the colours. Red Amber (red / green) Green Aqua (green / blue) Blue Purple (red / blue) White (red / blue / green) Automatic colour changing every few seconds, starting at Red, automatic colour fading every few seconds.

To select a desired colour or changing pattern:

  • If the light is ON turn it OFF.
  • Turn the power ON to the light, wait 2 seconds, then turn the power OFF.
  • Wait another 2 seconds then turn the power back ON. The light(s) will have progressed to the next colour/pattern.
  • If the lights are left ON for more than 10 seconds and then turned OFF, they will remember to come back on at the last colour/pattern they were turned off at.

Minimum supply voltage 10Vac 50/60Hz Maximum supply voltage 12Vac 50/60Hz


Maximum 20watts at 12Vac Light will not operate correctly on any other voltages than stated above. Do not exceed maximum voltage as damage to the light may result.

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