Retain the heat inside your pool

Swimming Pool Blankets

Translucent pool blankets allow sunlight to pass through the blanket and into the pool water, thus the water is naturally warmed by the Sun.

The Pool Blanket also provides thermal insulation therefore retaining  heat in your pool water.

Use of a Pool Blanket on your pool reduces evaporation by 97%.

We supply and install Daisy Pool Blanket and Rollers throughout Brisbane City, Logan
City, Ipswich City and Redland City.

The Daisy ultradome solar blanket is a quality Australian Made product with a warranty up to 10 years on the Daisy 525 micron blanket.

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Keep your pool warm & clean

What are the Benefits of a Pool Blanket?

Heating, Thermal Insulation, Less Chemical Use, Reduction in water loss, Help keep your pool clean

Heat your pool

A solar pool blanket is a cost effective way to heat your pool.  They allow the pool water to absorb heat from the Sun throughout the day and then at night reduce heat loss.  Solar pool blankets are also referred to as bubble pool covers and there is a range of colours and material thickness’s available.

Prevent evaporation

Pool solar blankets minimise heat lost through evaporation.  Around 75% of a pool’s heat loss is due to evaporation. The pool solar blanket is an effective barrier between the air and water in the pool.

Extended swimming period

A solar pool cover will allow you to swim for more months of the year and for longer periods of time each day when previously your pool was just not warm enough to swim in.

Assists all pool heating systems

Pool blankets are widely used to complement pool heating systems.

Whether you have Gas, Electric or Solar Pool Heating a Pool Blanket will increase the efficiency of your pool heating system, saving money, reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions and ensuring you pool water stays warmer for longer.

Value for Money

Pool blankets are an affordable addition to any pool. A quality pool blanket will provide up to ten years of benefits in reduced maintenance and heating costs.

All swimming pool solar blankets will deteriorate over time and require replacement, however due to their low cost the benefits of a Pool Blanket far outweigh the initial purchase price.

Keep your swimming pool cleaner

A Pool Blanket assists in keeping  dirt, leaves and debris from entering the pool. The result is a cleaner pool which saves on maintenance costs and requires fewer chemicals. Not only will you be doing the environment a favour but you will spend less hours cleaning your pool.

Save Water

A Pool Blanket can reduce up to 97% of the water lost through evaporation, thereby saving you money.

Reduce your heating costs

Installation Guide

This video has step by step instructions of how to install Daisy Ultradome Pool Solar Blanket and Pool Cover Roller.

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