Operational Guide

Pool Solar Heating Operational Guide

Pool Solar Heating Operational Guide, how it works and what temperatures to expect

Pool solar heating works by circulating water from the swimming pool, through a collector array where it absorbs heat radiated from the Sun, thus returning to the pool a few degrees warmer. This constant circulation of water through the collector will raise the overall pool water temperature throughout the day.

What Pool Temperatures Can I Expect?

In general terms solar heating will raise the temperature of an uncovered swimming pool by an average of 6 degrees Celsius. The overall pool temperature gain is dependant on location and climatic conditions, and in fact higher temperature rises than the average is achievable.

Each time the circulating pump starts pumping water up to the collector it must first push out all the air in the collector & pipes. The air bubbles’ out into the pool for a few minutes, and this is indicative that the system is working correctly. In turn when the circulating pump turns off all the water in the collector and pipes does not sit on the roof, but instead gravity naturally draws this water back to the pool.

A Vacuum Relief Valve up on the roof allows the water to safely drain out, and for air to enter the system thus avoiding and vacuum crush potential to the collector and pipes.

The solar controller measures & compares temperatures, and powers up the circulating pump when required to heat the pool. There are three operating modes on the controller as follows:

Auto Mode

Automatically runs the solar pump when heat is available to warm the pool to the desired temperature. The required pool temperature is set on the controller by the user.

Manual Mode

Powers the circulating pump continuously, regardless of the set temperature or the heat gain available. Manual mode is generally used to test the system.

Winter Mode

Powers the circulating pump daily for a few minutes to flush water through the solar collector and pipes. This feature helps to prevent water stagnation in the system during periods when the pool is not being used, and also assists pump longevity.

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