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Types of Pool Cover Rollers

It is not easy to remove a pool cover without a pool cover winder of some sort.  Not only is it difficult but you are far more likely to damage your pool cover by knocking and scraping it as you struggle to remove the cover by hand. If you already have a pool cover and are in need of a pool cover winder, the news is good, pool cover rollers can be retrofitted whenever you decide this is a better option for you.

A range of Pool Cover Rollers

There is a range of different pool rollers available and there is sure to be one that meets both your needs and your budget.

Pool Cover Rollers BrisbaneManual Pool Cover Rollers

As you would expect manual pool cover winders (entry level rollers) are the most affordable type of pool cover rollers.  So cost savings are the benefit of manual rollers and this has to be balanced against the greater convenience that motorised pool roller winders provide.

Daisy manufacture a number of different manual pool cover rollers to suit your budget and size of your pool.  Manufacturer’s warranty for these products can be as much as 10 years.


Motorised pool cover Rollers

Motorised pool cover winders allow you the convenience of retracting and storing your pool cover in a matter of minutes. Remco whose products we install and maintain offer a vinyl pool cover called Coverstar which provides a high level of safety combined with ease of operation. Coverstar is key operated so as long as you Pool Cover Automatic Pool Cover Rollers Brisbanestore the key in a safe place you can have peace of mind as the pool cover hold the weight of an adult.  Once you have turned the key, the pool cover rolls automatically into an attractive casing.


For those who can afford it there are motorised pool winders that are activated by remote control.

Remco offer this option with their Swim roll pool cover.  Swim roll pool covers can also be installed above or below ground providing the option of complete invisibility when rolled away.

A less convenient but also very easy motorised winder option looks very similar to a wipper snipper.  With this type of swimming pool cover roller you walk along the side of the pool winding as you go.

Automatic Pool Covers

The utmost of ease, some pool cover rollers are home automation compatible – allowing completely integrated operation.

Size of pool cover rolls

Whatever type of pool cover roll you choose you should also bear in mind the size of the roll once the pool has been wound up.  Obviously the smaller is usually better as it blends easier into the landscape; however this does depend also on the type of pool cover that you choose.

If you have the budget there is a really great design of pool roll covers available.  Daisy for example with their Berline Designer Powered Series have an attractive bench at the end of the pool which hides the pool cover when not in use and can also be used for seating and storage.


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For more information about pool covers and pool cover rollers or to have pool covers installed in Brisbane, Contact Us today.

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