Cost of Solar Pool HeatingSolar Pool Heating

The cost of heating your pool through solar energy is an upfront cost to purchase the system and have it installed.

Solar Pool Heating costs are calculated on the surface area example: length metres x width metres, or litres of your swimming pool.
Average costs of supplying and installing solar pool heating, including a circulating pump and controller is between $2,500 to $4,500.
The average cost of running a solar pool heating system is $250 per year.


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Solar pool heating has been proven to be the most economical way to heat a swimming pool.

Cold or cool water from your pool is pumped up onto the roof of your house and is heated as it flows through a collector array and then returned to the pool effectively providing a warmer and more enjoyable temperature to swim in. The water is continuously circulated throughout the day thus increasing the overall temperature of your pool.

The cost of installation of your solar pool heating system can be reduced if you have an existing pump that can be utilised for the solar heating system. Furthermore a solar pool heating system can also be retrofitted to just about any existing pool – and obviously can be installed for new swimming pools.


The Benefits of Solar Pool Heating Outweigh the Costs

 Solar Pool Heating costIt has been proven that solar pool heating is the most economical way to heat a swimming pool.
If you have an existing filter pump then no power is used to heat the pool.
With solar pool heating you will be able to extend your summer and swim for longer.
Even on a cloudy day your solar pool heating system will still work due to the radiant heat sourced from the sun.
Solar pool heating systems can be installed on sloping and flat roofs or even on concrete slabs.
With solar pool heating you can supplement with other heating systems as well.
Solar pool heating is extremely quiet when operating.
There is a 20 to 30 year life expectancy on a solar pool heating system.

Thanks to the energy generated by the sun, once your solar pool heating system is in place, you pool will be heated for free – that is, it will not cost you anything further beyond the set-up cost to heat your swimming pool from thereon.

Solar Pool Heating Cost

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solar pool heating cost heat generated by the sun

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