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Why Get an Annual Service for Your Solar Pool Heating and What We Look at During the Service

Most people wouldn’t go a year without getting their car serviced. An annual service ensures the smooth running of the vehicle and allows for small issues to be repaired before they become major problems. The same principles apply to pool heater systems. An annual service for your solar pool heating is the best way to make sure your pool functions perfectly all year round.

We recommend booking an annual service for your solar pool heating system during winter—around June/July—when your pool is not being used as much.

What does an annual service include?

An annual service for your solar pool heating will look at your system as a whole. We can identify any areas that need repair work, as well as parts that are worn down or faulty and need to be replaced.

The type of solar pool heating system you have will determine exactly what needs to be looked at during your annual service. Below we’ve outlined the main things we check, maintain and repair during solar heating system checks.

Solar heating panels / strip collector

Why Get an Annual Service for Your Solar Pool Heating and What We Look at During the ServiceA very important aspect of an annual service is to ensure that your solar heating panels/strip collector are in good working order. If they are not functioning as they should, this will impact their ability to collect sunlight and generate solar power.

Our service of your solar heating panels/strip collector usually involves cleaning them down and checking for damage. Cleaning helps ensure that no dust or debris is blocking sunlight. Meanwhile, rodents and birds (as well as storms and environmental factors) can cause damage, so we’ll do a thorough check to make sure everything is OK. If we find any damage, we can usually repair it or replace the parts fairly easily.

Electric heat pump

We will check that your electric heat pump is working properly. This involves a review of the filter and filter pump, the heat pump itself, and the valves for water to enter and exit the heat pump. We also check the water pressure to make sure the pool suction is working efficiently.

Gas heating system

If you have a gas heating system, we will inspect it and clean it. The primary areas we clean are the pilot assembly, main burner and heat exchanger. We will also check to make sure there are no gas leaks—which is important for safety—and ensure the vents and louvers are all in proper working condition.

How long does an annual service take?

Why Get an Annual Service for Your Solar Pool Heating and What We Look at During the ServiceAn annual service doesn’t take very long. Many issues that are discovered during a routine annual inspection can be fixed on the spot. However, if larger issues are found—such as faulty or broken parts—this may take a little longer to resolve. Sometimes it can take a few days to organise the right parts or repairs. This is why we suggest you book in your annual service during winter, when the pool is not likely to be in use or high demand.

What can we fix during an annual service?

During an annual service we can service and repair solar pool heating equipment such as:

  • solar heating systems
  • gas heaters
  • electric heat pumps
  • broken pipes and valves
  • leaking joints.

We can also repair or replace faulty pool equipment such as:

  • filtration equipment
  • pool pumps
  • saltwater chlorinators
  • pool lighting.

Why Get an Annual Service for Your Solar Pool Heating and What We Look at During the ServiceDo you need new pool lighting?

As part of your annual service we can also replace or upgrade your pool lighting. Lighting around your can provide a fantastic atmosphere for any party or gathering at night.

We use high-quality LEDs that will reduce your energy consumption and last much longer than regular lights.

Find out more about our LED pool lighting.

Book in for an annual service

To book in for an annual service of your solar pool heating system, contact us at Eco Solar Pool Heating. We’ll make sure your entire pool system is in tip-top shape and ready for lots of fun times during summer.

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