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Benefits of Having a Solar Heated Pool

What are the benefits of Having a Solar Heated Pool?

Whether you live in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast or northern New South Wales there are many benefits of a solar heated pool.

Swim More Months of the Year

Firstly and most importantly by having a solar heated pool you will be able to make more use of your swimming pool.  Not only is a swimming pool costly to install but the running costs are quite significant.  So why not get more use from your pool by having the pool temperature warmer so you can swim in spring, autumn and maybe even winter…

Use a Previously Really Cold Pool

Solar pool heating is a really great solution for those with a cold pool all year round.  A very deep and shaded pool can remain (even in summer) at temperatures that are too cold for swimming.  Examples of this are deep pools located on the southern side of the property, overshadowed by either or both the house and large trees.  Owners of all year round cold pools find they are using the pool so infrequently that they may just as well not have a pool at all.  With the installation of solar pool heating usage can be reversed with owners enjoying their swimming pool as they originally imagined they would.

More Frequent Swimming Lessons

Some parents prefer their children to having swimming lessons in their home pool as it is more convenient than driving to a swimming pool centre.  With a swimming pool solar heating system these children are able to continue their swimming lessons for a longer period of the year.

Stronger Swimmers Quicker

As said, having a heated pool can mean that children have more swimming lessons a year than previously.  This means that they will learn quicker how to swim and become strong swimmers faster which is very important in Australia as we make use of our wonderful beaches for holidays.

Solar Pool Heating Benefits - Eco Solar Pool Heating Brisbane

More Social Gatherings

With a solar heated swimming pool you will be able to host more social gatherings of families and friends and enjoy the traditional Australian BBQ and swim and entertain around the pool more often.

Greater Return on your Investment

Installing a swimming pool is not an inexpensive addition to your home.  You can also be assured that if you are going to sell your home then the pool will add significantly to the resale value.  In fact there are some people who would not even consider purchasing a home without a swimming pool.  The maintenance costs of a swimming pool are also rather high and can be time consuming.  So it makes sense to get the best value you can from the investment that you have already made and are making all the time with the on-going running costs of your swimming pool.  To do this you need to install a solar swimming pool heating system, you will be amazed how much more use you and your family will make of your swimming pool when it is a pleasant swimming temperature for a much longer period.

Low Running Costs

The installation of solar pool heating panels is the main investment after which the running costs are surprisingly low as the system is mostly using free energy from the sun.  Installation costs of solar pool systems vary significantly dependent upon many different factors, please contact us if you wish to discuss the upfront investment that you will need to make plus the low running costs that are required with a solar swimming pool heating system.

Overall More Fun!

Once you have a solar heated pool you will wonder why you never installed the solar heating system sooner.  Yes there is the initial cost of solar pool heating installation but this too will add value to your home. More importantly to your families enjoyment and fun they will have with a pleasant and comfortable temperature to swim in.

So to summarise, these are the Solar Pool Heating Benefits we have found:-

  • A warmer swimming pool means you get to enjoy your pool for longer periods of the year.
  • With a heated pool children can continue their swimming lessons for longer enabling them to become stronger swimmers quicker.
  • You will get a better payback for the investment you have made in paying for the pool and all its maintenance costs by being able to use it much, much more.
  • With a heated swimming pool you can host many a bbq for family and friends, not just in summer but other months of the year too.
  • Adds value to your property and provides a much greater enjoyment of your swimming pool for your family and friends.
  • Unlike the rather high running costs otherwise associated with your swimming pool, a solar heated pool relies mostly on the free energy provided by the sun.

For information on solar pool heating systems available from Eco Solar Heating, click here.


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