How do Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Work?

Electric Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

A swimming pool electrical heat pump is a great way to provide yearlong heating to your swimming pool. The electric heat pump works in much the same fashion as a traditional inverter air-conditioner – using the principle of extracting heat from the ambient air environment rather then relying on the pump to generate all the energy. This is a space efficient and environmentally friendly way to provide a great swimming environment.

The benefits of using an Electric Heat Pump

Firstly, heat pumps can be used all year long allowing you to utilise your swimming pool for longer over the year. Further, other types of heat pumps. such as gas, can be quite costly if used all year long – potentially giving a home or business owner an unwelcome surprise upon the arrival of an energy bill!

How Do Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Work? Eco Solar BrisbaneElectrical heat pumps are quite efficient; here at Eco Solar one of our most popular brands have the ability to provide 6 kW of energy from every 1 kW of electric energy – resulting in a cost effective solution to pool time fun. Electric heat pumps can be a space friendly solution to your pool heating requirements; other heating requirements may not only take additional space but also add an unwanted visual aesthetic from additional infrastructure required at installation.

Electrical heat pumps are generally regarded as quite reliable, with a lower ongoing maintenance cost and very low incidences of breakdown. Should you have a system that may need the services of a technician, we can organise for a service person to come out to site to find and fix any issues that you may have.

How do Swimming Pool Heat Pumps work?

Once the pumps have extracted the heat from the ambient air, the energy is then transferred into the environmentally friendly refrigerant gas. This gas is passed through an evaporator and condenser where it is compressed, which results in super-heated water.

You may be wondering whether the pump can still work in colder conditions? You bet- the advanced technology inside allows the heat pumps to provide efficient heating, even in near freezing environments!

Things to consider when buying a heat pump

While the initial cost of a heat pump can be greater then other options, they can soon pay themselves off when factoring in the installation, maintenance and ongoing costs of other options. Whether using a solar, gas, or electric heating, is it a great idea to seek professional help or advice, to ensure that you arrive at the best solution for you.

Have Questions?

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