How Effective are Solar Pool Heating Panels

Solar pool heating panels can be extremely effective.  It is not the solar panels that are the main cause of their effectiveness – it is the conditions wherein they are placed.

Factors Effecting the Performance of solar pool heating panels.

There are seven major factors that determine how effective solar pool heating panels are and these are described below.

Solar Pool Collector Area

A rule of thumb for effective solar pool heating is to have sufficient panels installed that would be at least 80% or more of the area of your pool. Thus if you have less roof area then required the solar pool heating panels are going to be less effective in heating your pool.  There are a few ways which you can compensate for this and these are described further down within this article. It follows naturally that if you have a larger area available and wish to install a greater than average number of solar pool heating panels then the effectiveness of the solar panels in heating your pool is going to be much greater.


Wind blowing across you swimming pool cools the temperature of the water in the pool.  If you live in a windy area you are going to have to compensate for this by either installing additional solar pool heating panels or by using a pool blanket or pool cover.

Roof Solar Heating Type of Roof Construction

Solar pool panels are more effective if installed on metal or fibro roofs.  Tiled roofs and slate roofs do not provide as good a condition for maximum performance from your pool solar heating panels. As you would expect darker coloured roofs assist in the effectiveness of your solar heating panels far more than light coloured roofs.  


The less shading you have over the solar pool panels the better.  This is particularly important if your swimming pool is also shaded and/or you are limited in area for installation of pool solar heating panels. The combination of these factors mean that you may need to install an above average amount of panels (if you can) in order for the solar pool heating panels to be effective. Shading caused by cloud cover will not negatively affect the ability of solar panels to heat your swimming pool.  In fact clouds can assist in the performance of solar panels as the UV rays shine through the clouds and continues to heat your pool.

Solar Collector Pitch

The rule of thumb for the most effective tilt or pitch for your solar panels is approximately equal to your geographical latitude plus ten to fifteen percent. Obviously the pitch of your roof largely determines the tilt of solar pool heating panels that you may choose to install.

Orientation of Solar Panels

In Australia north is the best aspect for optimum use of the sun to heat your pool.  If this aspect is not possible for you, then the next best choice is north-east, north-west or a directly west orientation. The reason these orientations provide the best performance of your solar heating panels is that they obtain a greater amount of sunlight.

Pool Covers

The effectiveness of pool heating solar panels in heating your pool can also be impacted upon by the use of a pool cover. Pool covers are a very efficient way to retain water temperature.  So for those with poor conditions as described above (limited and/or shaded area), a pool cover may of great assistance in order for the solar pool heating panels to be effective. For more information about swimming pool covers click here

Eco Solar Pool Heating

If you wish to discuss the effectiveness of solar pool heating for your swimming pool, please give us a call (07 3829 3324) and we can either discuss the matter over the phone or make an appointment to come to your home so as to provide the best advice.

Additional Information Solar Pool Heating

If you would like some additional information regarding solar heating, the effectiveness and how it works, click here For more information on solar pool heating panels in Brisbane email or call us on 07 3829 3324

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