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How Does a Solar Controller Work?

Solar controllers measure the heat of the swimming pool water throughout the day.  They then regulate the temperature of the pool by means of controlling a pump which circulates the water through the solar collector. The purpose of the solar controller is to ensure that your swimming pool is kept to the temperature that you desire and which will result in you and your family making greater use of your swimming pool. Solar pool heating controllers thus provide optimum performance of your solar heating system.

Solar Controller Functions

Even the most basic Solar pool heating controllers supplied by us at Eco Solar Pool Heating come with four functions – Auto, Manual, Winter and Cooling.

Auto Function of the Solar Controller

Most people select to use the auto function of their solar controller as it is often the most convenient way to keep your pool at your chosen temperature. When you use the auto function, the controller will measure the temperature and control the pump to circulate the water automatically keeping the pool temperature constant.

Manual Function of the Solar Controller

This feature allows you to override the automatic settings should you wish to run the solar pump constantly.

How Does a Solar Controller Work for Swimming PoolsWinter Function of the Solar Controller

This function allows you to save electricity in winter when you may not want to swim in your pool.  The Winter function results in the solar pump running for only ten minutes a day.  The Winter feature of the solar controller makes sure that water is flushed through the pipes and solar collector which prevents water stagnation.  It also helps with increasing the longevity of the pump.

Cooling Function of the Solar Controller

This function has been designed for those whose pool is actually too warm for comfortable swimming.  The Cooling function ensures that the pump is operated over night so that the water is cooled by flowing the solar collector in the cooler night time temperatures.  

More information on Solar Controllers and Solar Pool Heating

Click on the link for more information on solar pool heating controllers Click here for our Pool solar heating operational guide.   For more information about solar controllers in Brisbane email or call us on 07 3829 3324

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