How to Use a Solar Blanket

Solar pool blankets keep the pool warm, they also help heat the pool as well as reducing the amount of evaporation and leaves and debris that can fall in your pool. Finally solar pool blankets (also called solar pool covers) also reduce the amount of chemicals that you need to keep your pool clean.

In order to obtain all these benefits from your solar pool blanket, you need to ensure that you are using it properly.

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Correct Size

Your solar pool blanket will not function optimally unless it is exactly the right size for your pool. Thus if the blanket is too small you will lose some of the advantages of having the blanket. Should you be ordering and installing your solar blanket yourself you need to be very accurate in measuring the size of your swimming pool.

Once your solar pool cover arrives you may need to trim it for a perfect fit.

Unpacking your Solar Pool Blanket

When unpacking your solar pool blanket you need to unroll it on top of the pool – with the bubbles facing the floor of the pool.

When to Use your Solar Pool Blanket

You should use your solar pool blanked both day and night.

During the day if you solar pool cover is in place it will use the heat from the sun to heat the pool water.

At night if your solar pool cover is in place then it will retain the heat of the pool whilst the outside temperature falls.

Keep Water off the Top of your Solar Pool Blanket

The effectiveness of your solar pool cover will be significantly reduced if there is water on top of your solar pool cover. The water on top of your solar pool cover will evaporate and pull the heat through the blanket and actually cool the pool.

Thus after it has rained, you need to roll up the solar pool blanked and drain the rain water off.

Purchase a Solar Pool Blanket Reel

For ease of use you may want to consider purchasing a solar pool blanket reel. This will make the job of removing and replacing your solar pool blanket that much easier.

If you don’t have a solar blanket reel it is most likely going to take two people to take the blanket off and on the pool. It will also be much tidier and out of the way of your pool entertainment area.

Ensure that your Pool is Kept Clean

Solar pool blankets have got a bad name for causing algae to grow. The reason for this occurs is because algae grow in warm pools that don’t have enough chemical in them to treat the algae. What happens is that pool owners cover the pool and forget to continue their regular maintenance in cleaning and treating the water. So the algae grow in the pool – and also on the pool cover.

Should this have happened to your pool cover you will need to thoroughly clean it to ensure that you don’t re-introduce the algae into the pool once you replace the solar pool cover.

Be Aware of the Dangers of Solar Pool Covers

If you have young children you need to be very aware that solar pool covers are a potential danger. If a child were to fall into a pool with the pool cover in place he/she could get wrapped in the cover and struggle to get out.

What people also don’t realise is that it is dangerous to swim under a pool cover. When someone tries to surface for air there will be no air under the cover, so you need to supervise your children around your pool as actively as you do whether or not the pool cover is in place.

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