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Best Salt Chlorinators for Pools

Salt chlorinators for pools are becoming more and more popular with Australian households wanting a sparkling swimming pool.  As a result of this growing popularity there are now a number of different salt chlorinators for pools in the market.

The greater the choice available the harder it is to determine the best salt chlorinator for pools located in our backyards.


Astral Pools Salt Chlorinators

We at Eco Solar Pool Heating have searched for the answer to this question and have found what we believe to be the best salt water chlorinators.

We source and install these salt pool chlorinators from Astral Pools.  Below is also some information on each of the products which will allow you to see why we believe them to be the best salt chlorinators for pools currently available.


Why Astral Pool Salt Water Chlorinators?

One of the reasons we selected Astral Pool salt chlorinates as being the best product for us to install for our customers is that all of their chlorinates have self cleaning functions.

Furthermore, the range of salt pool chlorinators provides for those on a tight budget right through to the top of the range salt chlorinators.

Before we provide you with information on those salt chlorinators that we perceive (and have experienced) to be the best, first we will list the features that make for a good swimming pool salt chlorinator.


salt water chlorinator for pools Features that make Salt Chlorinators the Best Salt Water Chlorinators

  • Energy efficient
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Very effective in performance – removes organic matter and the potential for bacterial and algae growth in your pool
  • Low maintenance required – automatically release the amount of chlorine that is required to keep the pH balance stable for a healthy swimming pool
  • Covered by manufacturers warranty
  • Provide convenience reducing the time and effort required to retain a sparkling, healthy swimming pool.


E25 Salt Chlorinator

This particular salt chlorinator has been designed and manufactured specifically for those on a budget but who also need a product that performs well and is robust.

The E25 salt chlorinator is easy to install and provides reverse polarity self cleaning meaning lower maintenance for Australian pool owners.  This salt chlorinator is suitable for average sized swimming pools in Australia.



Viron Salt Chlorinator

The Viron pool salt chlorinator is considered to be one of the best salt chlorinators on the market as it automatically regulates and replenishes chlorine in your salt water pool for you.

The Viron also, due to its design will keep your electricity bills down which can be a major saving.  The Viron salt chlorinator also comes with an easy to use touch pad.



VX Salt Chlorinator

This particular salt water chlorinator really provides convenience for you in your pool maintenance.  The salt chlorinator is self cleaning and comes with a touch pad that allows the amount of chlorine to be released in the swimming pool to be adjusted and even preset.

If you would like to view a video about the features of the VX Salt Chlorinator you will find it on this page.



eQuilibrium Chlorinator

By using an eQuilibrium chlorinator you can be assured that you pool will always have the correct pH balance.  The eQuilibrium tests and automatically releases the required amount of chlorine in your pool with manual testing no longer required.

There are four different eQuilibrium chlorinators in the range offered by Astral Pools.


Please feel free to email us or phone (07 3829 3324) should you wish to determine which of these would best suit your swimming pool.



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