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Do solar panels get damaged by hail?

Because of the frequency and intensity of storms in Brisbane, a lot of people worry about hail damage to their solar panels. But at Eco Solar Pool heating, we use high-quality solar panels made from strong materials that are very resistant to hail.

However, that doesn’t mean you can tear up your insurance policy just yet. Instead of asking, ‘Do solar panels get damaged by hail?’, perhaps a more important question is, ‘Can solar panels get damaged by fallen trees or lightning’. Because when you live in South East Queensland, there’s more to worry about than just hail.

Why we use material solar panels

For our solar pool heating service, we use material solar panels. These come in 2 types:

Our strip solar collector is made from a flexible material, and our rigid solar panels are made from polypropylene. These materials have a number of benefits over standard solar panels that use tempered glass.

Resistant to Brisbane weather

Do Solar Panels Get Damaged By Hail?Our solar panels and collectors are very resistant to Queensland weather, including storms and hail. While traditional solar panels that use tempered glass (the same as the windscreen of your car) are also quite resistant to hail, the simple fact that they are made from glass means they can get damaged in extreme conditions.

However, our solar panel products are made with Brisbane customers in mind, and have a proven lifespan of over 20 years. They are also resistant to things like birds.

Can be installed on any roof shape

Our strip solar collector is made from a flexible material, which means it can be easily installed on just about any roof shape. A lot of people have difficulty installing traditional glass panels on their roof if they have a unique roof shape, or a small sized roof.

But with our solar collector, we make our product fit your roof—not the other way around.

Efficient solar power

Our solar panels are very efficient at collecting solar power. This means you need less space on your roof to host solar panels. That’s because you can generate the same amount of power with fewer products. This will save you money with installation.

Value for money

Our solar panels and collectors are great value for money. They are a quality product that doesn’t cost the earth. They’re cheap to install and are thermally efficient.

Subtle, attractive appearance

While many people want solar power, few want an ugly eyesore on their roof. Our solar panels are subtle and attractive, which is a far cry from some traditional panels that are bulky and overwhelm the look of your house.

Why insurance for your solar system is still important

Do Solar Panels Get Damaged By Hail?Despite the fact that solar panels from Eco Solar Pool Heating are very unlikely to be damaged by hail, insurance policies are still important. Why? Well, because Brisbane storms also include fallen trees and a whole bunch of lightning.

While we make every effort to ensure our solar panels and collectors are resistant to the elements, they’re not indestructible. You’ve no doubt seen what uprooted trees can do to a house in a storm? And if a tree can destroy an entire roof, then chances are whatever is on that roof won’t stand much of a chance either.

As always, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Check with your insurance company

Protecting an investment like your solar panels is smart idea. Make sure you check with your insurance company—before storm season!—whether your solar panels are covered in your policy. And make sure the fine print doesn’t exclude you from storm damage from things like fallen trees and lightning, etc.

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