Solar Pool Heating Maintenance

We have almost gotten through the coldest months of the year and in Queensland we all have our minds on swimming. With a Solar Pool Heater you are one of the lucky ones who can jump into a warm and enjoyable pool. However, now is probably a good time to consider some Solar Pool Heating Maintenance – to ensure you can enjoy the maximum amount of time in the pool for another year.

Why Solar Pool Heating Maintenance?

The great thing about a solar pool heating system is that it is a generally stable and efficient heating system that can efficiently heat up your pool in the cooler months. In Queensland you should be able to get almost year round use out of your pool with a solar pool heating system. However with all things, regular maintenance will help your heating system work at its best.

What to look for and why?

When we conduct regular solar pool heater maintenance we look at variety of things to ensue your system is working at its best.

Heat Pump Settings

A poorly maintained heat pump can lose efficiency in its transfer of heat into water. While heat pumps are extremely efficient devices, if they are performing poorly these efficiencies can be lost. As part of a regular solar pool heating maintenance the heat pump can be checked and re calibrated if needed.

Temperature Gauge

The temperature gauge is important in the overall functioning of your solar pool heater as it determines if the pool water is too warm or too cold. A malfunctioning temperature can explain any variation in your pools temperature, especially over a long period.

Condition of Solar Panels or Strip CollectorsPool Heating Maintenance

Because solar panels or strip collectors are usually positioned on a roof, it is best for a professional to check these, to ensure no accidents occur. Solar panels and Strip collectors can become damaged from storms and hail, birds and general build-up of dirt and leaves. To ensure your system is working efficiently solar panels and strip collectors should be checked and cleaned if needed. Any physical damage from storms or animals can generally be repaired without too much hassle.

Water Flow Valves

Water flow valves control the flow of water throughout your system. Ideally you want water to flow through strip collectors at an optimal rate, so that water can be heated quickly and replaced by cooler water to be heated in the shortest space of time. If valves aren’t functioning properly your solar heating system may not adequately heat water evenly.

Full Test and Flush of the System

To ensure piping in the solar pool heating system remains unblocked and a build-up of chemicals and impurities does not occur, it is a good idea to run a full test and flush of the system. This ensures water can be effectively heated and your system runs at its highest efficiency.

Additional Information Solar Pool Heating

If you would like some additional information regarding solar pool heating maintenance or what is involved, click here For more information on solar pool heating panels in Brisbane email or call us on 07 3829 3324

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