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Top 10 Reasons why you should have Pool Lights – and Choose LED Pool Lighting

There are many extremely good reasons why you should have LED pool lighting. If you are thinking about building a pool, or have a swimming pool now we highly recommend that you consider having LED swimming pool lights installed or retrofitted.

The top 10 reasons why are listed below

  1. Pool lighting provides a wonderful ambiance which can be enjoyed by you and any guests you may have for a poolside bbq. Pool lighting transforms a dark hole to a wonderful night time garden feature.
  2. By lighting you pool you will be able to enjoy swimming safely at night which is particularly important if you are time poor and unable to enjoy your pool during daylight hours.
  3. The most obvious reason why you should have LED pool lighting rather than traditional halogen globe pool lights is the lower power consumption used by LED pool light. Compared to halogen globes, LED lights use 85% less power.
  4. Furthermore, not only do LED pool lights use less power but the are also more durable and longer lasting.
  5. The light produced by LED swimming pool lights is stronger and clearer than older style lights which use tints and filters to create different colour effects. LED swimming pool lights don’t use tints or filters thus they produce a much better and brighter lighting effect.
  6. A further advantage of LED lighting is the amazing choice of different colours that are available. Not only are there many fantastic colours but you do not need to choose just one.  With Sunline Light Emitting Diodes you can have multiple colours; you just need to flick the switch to change the colour.  Please visit our page on LED Underwater Pool Lights and you can see the different colour lights in action.
  7. For a truly spectacular effect you can also choose to have an auto rotating colour mode.
  8. Another advantage of LED swimming pool lights is that they are easier to waterproof than other swimming pool lighting options. Traditional halogen light bulbs have a higher operating temperature which can result in a faster deterioration of seals and fixtures.  This can cause leakage and also lamp failure.
  9. LED lights are also safer than other swimming pool lights. This is due to the low voltage that they use.  Thus even if a water leakage does occur there is no risk of electric shock.
  10. A further safety feature that can be obtained with LED pool lights is a remote control operation.  Without a remote control the manual switches are often operated by people with wet hands, thus a potential danger risk.

Eco Solar Pool Heating – LED Pool Lights

Eco Solar Pool Heating can install Sunline LED pool lights for you. There are several different choices available. The LED Surface Mount light can be used for both concrete and fibreglass pools, it can also be retro-fitted to replace the older fashioned swimming pool lights.

The Sunline LED Niche underwater pool light, model SLNC-84LED is designed specifically for concrete pools, whilst the model SLNF-84LED model is designed specifically for fibreglass pools.

The Sunline pool light transformer can be mounted outdoor and with dual 12 volt, 20 watt outputs two LED underwater lights can be legally and safely connected to the single transformer.

Call or email Eco Solar Pool Heating (3829 3324) and we will provide you with a quote for LED lights for your swimming pool, whether you are building a new pool or require retrofitting or replacing of existing swimming pool lights.

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